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Turkish Cotton & Bamboo Pillow

Turkish Cotton & Bamboo Pillow

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Luxe, high-quality, and beautiful, this Turkish cotton & bamboo pillow has a repeat-wave design. The beautiful, crisp colour, along with its waffled texture, will bring a fresh, clean, calm feel.

Our focus always includes versatility, utility, and functionality - Turkish cotton is a more durable fibre that gets softer with every wash! Bamboo is naturally antimicrobial.

Bamboo is a truly sustainable material - growing at record speed, producing more oxygen than hardwood trees; its carbon absorption capacity is reported to be as much as 12 tonnes/hectare per year.

You loved our best-selling wave towels, so we made it into a pillow! This look is a great addition to any pillow collection and brings texture & beauty to a layered look. A high-quality piece that makes a great housewarming gift, but also enhances any area of your home so that you can sit back, relax (maybe listen to some waves) and take in all the beauty you’ve created.

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