Thank you for purchasing from HLHF—a third- generation family business founded with pride in 1977. We have always been committed to offering high quality products at great value to our customers. Whether you are a new client or among our vast loyal customer base, please read the following store policies and tips to ensure a positive and efficient purchase experience.



Please plan ahead. Double-check that selected items will fit into your home and can pass through all doorways, hallways, stairwells and elevators (and your vehicle if arranging a pick-up). Please measure! HLHF is not responsible for merchandise purchased that does not fit into your vehicle or home. Ask us if you should have any questions or to verify product specifications in advance of your purchase. If you will be arranging a pick-up appointment, be sure to bring protective padding, strapping, bungee cords and rope to secure your merchandise.



We will do our best to accommodate special circumstances, but be aware that our standard warehouse storage fee of $50 is typically applied per week commencing 10 days after HLHF notifying you of its arrival. Products unclaimed after 60 days will be returned to stock and your deposit will become a store credit, with the exception of custom orders.




Consult us to book an available date on our delivery schedule that will suit you best. We will call the day prior to your delivery to estimate the 4-hour window when you can expect HLHF staff to arrive. If you live in an apartment building, book the elevator to ensure delivery efficiency. Deliveries postponed due to client circumstances resulting in a changed delivery date may incur another delivery fee. If a delivery appointment is changed at the client’s request with less than 48-hours notice, additional charges may be incurred. Your account must be paid in full in advance of your delivery day.

Service Fee

HLHF delivers within an approximate 250-km radius of our sole location in Burlington, Ontario. Our professional delivery service is optional, yet one which we highly recommend to ensure our products make it into your home safely and without damage. We charge a below-cost delivery fee to mitigate truck operation costs and delivery staff time. Regardless of how many items are delivered to your home on the same run, the base service fee is $75 for local deliveries, with surcharges when travelling outside of the radius. Ask HLHF staff for the fee grid in your zone.


We organize our deliveries in accordance with 40+ years of experience, so thank you for trusting HLHF. Two professional drivers under our employ (not contracted) will inspect, assemble, wrap, load, drive, unload and place your items safely. They will also remove all product packaging. Just book your delivery, plan for our arrival, point, and HLHF takes care of the rest.

On the day of your delivery, you can expect our courteous staff to do their utmost to arrive within the 4-hour delivery window assigned to you. They will call when they are on their way and will deliver your purchase as efficiently as possible. Prior to entry, they will wipe their safety boots on your doormat. Next, they will assess the delivery passage route to identify any obstacles, and will then proceed to move, fully assemble, and place your new items. HLHF will remove all packaging from your home. Please note that HLHF cannot move, re-arrange or remove any of your existing furniture. Only new, HLHF products are permitted on our truck and staff are not permitted to move or remove personal items from your home. In the highly unlikely event that there is a problem with your merchandise, the issue must be reported to HLHF the same or next business day. Your account must be paid in full in advance of your delivery day.


The safety of our staff and customers is paramount. Unlike mattresses or other soft goods, furniture is heavy, non-pliable and often challenging to maneuver. To ensure proper foot protection, stability and safety, HLHF staff will not remove their safety boots upon entering your home. They will wipe their safety boots on your doormat. Other safety measures will be implemented based on recommendations from public health and the Province of Ontario.



To avoid disappointment, consult with HLHF to arrange your pick- up by booking an appointment, ideally at least one business day in advance. While we always do our best, please be aware that we may not be able to accommodate an unannounced pick-up request.


At the time of your pick-up, you can expect our courteous staff member to meet you at the rear of HLHF’s retail store and support you in loading the merchandise into your vehicle. HLHF will have already inspected, assembled to the extent possible, and wrapped your purchase(s) for some protection. Note that in opting for a pick-up rather than a professional delivery, you assume all risks associated with the loading, transportation, unwrapping, unloading and moving of your merchandise into your vehicle and home. Please be reminded to measure your vehicle when planning your pick- up and ensure that you have all necessary protective padding, strapping, bungee cords and rope to secure your merchandise. Most items do not require assembly and are bulky. If at the time of pick-up, despite best-laid plans, you have a problem fitting items in your vehicle, you are welcome to book a delivery at the regular delivery charge for your zone. Your account must be paid in full prior to the release of your items. 


The safety of our staff and customers is paramount. In supporting you with loading goods into your vehicle, HLHF staff will abide by safety measures based on recommendations from public health and the Province of Ontario.




All products have been selected to meet our high standards. Items are inspected upon arrival at our warehouse and again the day before release to the customer.



If you wish to cancel your standard in-stock product order please notify HLHF within two business days of your order and your funds will be returned to you. This must take place BEFORE delivery or pickup. Custom orders cannot be cancelled. If you have received your standard in-stock product, and, within five business days, you have a change of heart, please contact us as we may be able to offer you an exchange for another item or a store credit toward a future purchase. All exchanges and store credits are subject to HLHF’s discretion. In the rare event that neither a store credit nor an exchange for an in-stock item will resolve the matter, a minimum 20 percent re-stocking fee calculated from the original purchase price will be chargeable. All layaways, floor models and custom orders are final sale. If customers are unable to complete layaway payments on schedule, prior payments may be forfeited.



HLHF makes no warranty beyond any existing or applicable manufacturer’s limited warranty. HLHF will assist you in the exercise of any factory warranties by: 1) initiating first contact with the manufacturer to communicate the complaint on your behalf, and 2) to provide you with the contact information of the manufacturer’s representative for following up thereafter.


In most circumstances, if manufacturer warranties exist for the product purchased, they expire no later than one year from the date of purchase from HLHF. Any applicable limited warranties will only cover replacement parts and materials; you will be responsible for all labor and shipping costs associated with the replacement parts and materials, as well as, if necessary, the transportation of your items requiring service. Limited warranties do not apply to any product that was used as a floor sample or display model, or one that was marked as “final sale” at the time of purchase.

Character & Humidity

Variations in colour and markings in wood and genuine leather are part of the unique character of natural materials, so these variations will not be considered defects by HLHF or the manufacturer. Products constructed with wood are susceptible to humidity. You may notice in the fall and winter dry seasons that your purchases may contract causing temporary mis-alignments of leaves, drawers, etc. In the high humidity seasons of spring and summer, products may swell causing similar effects. These are not defects but rather a condition of the humidity in your own home and will be mitigated by maintaining a relative humidity of 40 percent or higher year round. Upon request, HLHF can propose vanity touch up products, methods and advice.


The effects of time can enhance the beauty of natural materials. Through regular use, it should be expected that character marks will develop and patinas and finishes will mature. Time can also cause materials to fade or discolour, such as from sustained and/ or prolonged direct sunlight exposure. Avoid placing furniture in direct sunlight. Regular, repetitive use over time of soft goods can also cause cushions to settle and soften. To prolong the life of your soft goods, we encourage you to fluff pillows, plump and massage stuffing in seat and back cushions occasionally, and flip and rotate detached cushions whenever possible to minimize the effects of time on the most-frequently-used sections of your furniture.

Misuse and Maltreatment

Misuse and maltreatment of items causing damage—visual, structural or otherwise—will not be resolved under warranty or complimentary service work. Upon assessment of a complaint requesting a warranty discussion or request for service, if it is determined that the product was not used for its intended purpose, or was otherwise misused or maltreated, all opportunities to resolve under warranty will be null and void. In most cases, service by HLHF to help resolve the issue to the best quality possible will be chargeable at an hourly rate if pursued by you. HLHF will outline your best options, associated costs and probability of a satisfactory resolution.

Common misuse and maltreatment include: the staining of soft goods caused by excessive dirt, friction, heat or spills; damage caused by pets chewing, scratching, staining or soiling; damage to the finish of case goods by placing wet or hot items (e.g. pots, pans, dishes, pizza boxes) directly on the surface without table protector pads or coasters; damage caused by standing on chairs or repetitively exceeding the standard maximum 250-pound weight limitation for seating or 500-pound maximum for bed rails; rocking chairs that are not designed as such; or using cleaning products not approved for the surface application (if a product ruins the finish, the dispute is with the cleaning product company, not with the manufacturer of the furniture). At HLHF, we have seen it all over the years and we encourage you to care for your new furniture. If an accident happens, we’ll be happy to make suggestions from 40+ years of experience, for your best options, associated costs, and probability of a satisfactory resolution.

Out of Sight

Different manufacturers have varying finishing standards for the non-visible surfaces of their products—undersides and interiors of tables, bed frames, cabinets, drawers and sofa-backs for example—and therefore will not be subject to any complimentary service by HLHF.


Limited warranties do not cover scratches, dents, snags or other damage to any type of flooring or floor covering in your home. Customers are encouraged to take care in placement of furniture, to avoid sliding, and to use and maintain purpose-built floor protectors to mitigate damage.



HLHF deals with over 40 manufacturers of quality home furnishings and accessories and is committed to supporting its customers with legitimate product service needs within one year of the purchase date.

Rarely, unexpected yet legitimate structural manufacturing defects will occur. These matters will be assessed and resolved to the reasonable satisfaction of the customer, retailer (HLHF) and manufacturer on a case-by-case basis. These discussions should be driven by the guiding principles of honesty, logic and respect.

To bring a matter to our attention, to explore a warranty discussion, or to make a request for service, please take a photograph, write a brief description of the issue, and email to service@heritagelifestyle. ca. You will be contacted to discuss as soon as possible. HLHF is committed to listening to you, providing you with information, tips and reasonable options for a resolution.

For any warranty discussion or service request to be initiated, the customer must produce the original sales receipt.